How can influencers affect content marketing strategy

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The digital age has revolutionised business. In particular, marketing has had to adapt and evolve as technology has become more advanced. All marketers must become “plugged-in” – it’s no longer restricted to sales on the shop floor. Modern content marketing must involve writing articles, posting on social media networks, and reaching consumers worldwide.

The pace and volume of digital marketing and information is constantly growing, and all businesses must keep up with the latest techniques to ensure that their company stays competitive. Churning out more and more content to as many digital platforms as possible is one strategy. However, this simply follows the old-fashioned paradigm of advertising and does not always have efficient and effective results. Different approaches are needed, and as ever, they must always focus on the needs of the customer.

Rather than blasting consumers with advertisements, companies are now realizing the importance of engaging with their target audience and providing them with things that they need and want. Today, one of the most powerful ways of interacting with consumers is by collaborating with digital influencers.

Who and what are digital influencers?

Influencers are individuals or companies with a digital presence – that is, they have key audiences on enormous social media networks, blogs, and video-on-demand services. These influencers engage with their audiences regularly and consequently build up a following. Instead of advertising content, influencers act in a very different way: they communicate directly with millions of individual consumers and are capable of posing direct questions, engaging in conversations, and associating with specific groups of the public. They’re more than a sales person: they’re someone who their followers trust and understand.

How can influencers affect content marketing strategy?

Most marketing strategies attract their consumers by offering products or services that the consumer needs. However, by this point, they’re already competing with every other business with similar products and services. Influencers are capable of engaging with consumers before they have a need, or before they start searching for a particular product or brand. Influencers simply act as another consumer and are capable of showcasing their perspective, needs and demands to an audience with similar wants.

How do you find your own influencer?

If you’re looking for your own influencer to give your marketing strategy a kick-start, you need to be aware of the followers you’re trying to attract and engage with. Social media networks such as Twitter are capable of analyzing Twitter users to assess who is influential. This involves looking at the number of followers of these influencers, and also how often their followers interact with them, such as retweeting their posts, for instance. For brands, this data can be tapped into using tools such as  Twitalyzer, and will provide valuable insight into who follows who, and who listens to who. Other tools such as ClearVoice will help you find digital influencers with specific opinions and articles about your subject. Alternatively, sites such as Buzzsumo will help you find influencers who are already involved in a particular topic or market area. Overall, finding the right influencer depends on what sort of help you’re looking for.

Which influencer is right for you?

First of all, an influencer has to have enough of a following with an engaged audience. If they have this, they’ll be able to spread the word about your product or service. But, this isn’t the only thing you’ll need to check. You also need to discover why this individual is influential. Finding an influencer with the right background and expertise is essential if you want to create any useful and successful relationship.

Influencers with the ability to increase your traffic will, of course, benefit your business. However, ideally you want to find an influencer who can become your partner and provide you with invaluable opinions and advice about their followers and your target audience.

When do you need to find an influencer?

Once you decide you need to give your content marketing strategy a boost, or gain more traffic through your website, it’s time to find an influencer. You’ll need to search for different influencers and then get to know them, first by following them, and then by reaching out to them. Pitching your project to them will be an important starting point if you want to get them on board. Keep in mind which goals you want to achieve, and what sort of help you’re looking for. Make everything personable, and try to build a solid relationship with someone who understands your needs.

How do you work with an influencer?

Since you’re the one with specific goals and objectives, you’ll need to decide how you want your influencer to help you. Providing your influencer with instructions and information about your business will help both of you understand and optimise how things should progress. Finding a balance is essential; you’ve found an influencer because they have a following and are influential.

Consequently, listening to them and allowing them to share and exert their expertise is essential for this relationship to work. It’s important that you both stay on the same page and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship, and always keep in touch.

An influencer can act as a vital life support for any business, and can help you expand and reach new audiences. Finding the right influencer is imperative, and setting clear goals is vital. By including influencers in your content marketing strategy (and engaging them at every step of the process) you’ll find yourself with an invaluable partner.

Internet linking content marketing

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The Internet is vast. There are countless websites available, and according to Qmee

at at least 571 new websites are created every minute, every day. That’s some serious competition for anyone with their own website. Getting noticed is seemingly impossible, and for consumers, wading through billions of websites is a nightmarish task. Thankfully, search engines are tools that Internet users turn to in the hope of narrowing down their search.

But, with so many websites available you need to make your website attractive to not only your target consumer audience, but also to the search engines themselves. Search engines will only select and display websites that they believe are authoritative, relevant and useful.

Making sure that search engines believe that your website possesses these qualities is a job for search engine optimization (SEO). Learning to use content marketing SEO effectively is a vital strategy for any website hoping to survive out there on the World Wide Web, and one of the most useful methods for improving content marketing SEO is internal linking.

What is internal linking?

Quite simply, internal linking is important for anyone interested in SEO. The basic definition of internal linking is that each link connects one page of your website to a different page on the same website. The process is straightforward and simple and when used properly, it can enhance your SEO experience. The end result is that you have a source domain and target domain within the same link.

Why is internal linking so useful?

The more internal links within your website, the more search-optimized your website becomes. Creating inner links provides routes for the search engines to hunt down, allowing the engines to find authoritative information within your website. The presence of inner links improves the value of your website because it highlights the usefulness of the website.

Linking between different webpages of the same website improves navigation, making it more user-friendly and appealing. The hierarchy and structure of the website becomes more visible with more inner links, again helping search engines and consumers to move through the website. With more links to certain pages of your website you can also improve the ranking of specific website pages.

So what are the best tips for internal linking?

Create lots of webpages, with plenty of information

Having good content marketing requires content to market in the first place. So, the first step is to create lots of content that can be linked to. The more content you have, and the more links you have to your content, the better your internal linking will become. This means you need good article writing if you want to engage in article marketing. Also, each link needs to be helpful – there’s no point linking to irrelevant information.

Use effective anchor text and hyperlinks

Anchor text is the clickable text within a hyperlink, and allows users to move immediately to another relevant webpage. Many hyperlinks can be labeled as things such as “click here”. However, for more effective and useful hyperlinks, anchor text should be used. Anchor text is used as the link title – the words used within the anchor text should ideally be specific to the information you’re linking to. Using specific words and phrases as an anchor text, such as this “anchor-text” anchor text definition resonate much more with search engines because they tell you exactly what you’ll be linking to. In essence, content marketing won’t work until you have the content users want.

Choose your links wisely

Most websites will display obvious and generic navigation tabs across each webpage. These are usually present on every single page, and include things like “Home”, “Contact Us”, or “About Us”. Because these navigation tabs provide easy and obvious links to these pages, including internal links to these pages is relatively pointless. Instead, make sure that all your internal links provide paths to information that is deep within your website. This makes the information easier to find and will direct consumers to specific pieces of information that they otherwise might not find.

Make sure your links are useful

Links will only benefit your website if they actually help the user find what they’re looking for. Adding links simply for the sake of linking will not make your website more user-friendly or appealing. Keep in mind why you’ve created your website, and remember the purpose of each individual webpage. Linking information about compost, for instance, to a webpage about holiday resorts, is not useful, and nor is it likely to attract the user.

Keep your internal linking natural and reasonable

The aim of any website, no matter what its content, is to provide some sort of value to the reader. Distributing links throughout a webpage, for the reader to discover as they read, will provide a natural method of allowing the reader to immediately link to whatever they find interesting or useful. Linking content shows the reader that you have useful and interesting information within your website, but it also improves your SEO.

However, using too many links can become confusing and eventually irrelevant. Being selective about which links you use will ensure that the reader and search engines pay attention to the links rather than ignoring them as part of the text.

Consistent internal linking will not only improve the friendliness and attractiveness of your website to Internet users, but it will also make your content more appealing to search engines. Internal linking can be considered complicated and overwhelming, but in fact, with a good understanding of the purpose of your website, you can include your own internal links by simply thinking about what the reader would be interested in.

How Do I Define My Target Audience?

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Increase Your Market Share And Reduce Your Advertising Budget

Every company has to work with their team to define their ideal customer. This provides a sense of direction, and simplifies the process of marketing the company’s products and services. Clearly defining a target audience (demographic) saves a company’s valuable time and money as they avoid blanket advertisements, and stretch their dollar in market segments that have a high probability of purchasing their product or service.

One of the many advantages of utilizing a Search Engine Optimization service is that your SEO firm’s efforts are focused around keywords related to your industry and customer demographics. Keywords are how search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo decide the relevancy of your website to what your customers are searching for online. Let’s look at some methods for deciding whom your target audience is on the Internet.


An Ideal Target Audience

You need to go after potential customers that meet two key criteria. First, they must be able to afford the product that you’re offering; second, they have to want to use or purchase your product.


Who Can Afford My Product?

Think about the final cost of your product or service. Are you selling a Porsche, a Toyota, or something in between? Is it a necessity, or is it a luxury item? If your product or service falls into the discretionary budget category, then this raises the bar on income requirements for your ideal customer.
Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 11.29.18 AM

You won’t find many Porsche advertisements outside Dollar Stores, but you will find advertisements for inexpensive food and other staples that everyone needs in order to survive near value chains like Dollar Stores. This advertising concept translates directly to Search Engine Optimization and the way you build your website to cater to your ideal customer.

Online marketing firms have spent millions upon millions of dollars in order to translate search histories and characteristics into general income profiles, along with other demographic information. This same information can be translated into keywords and search phrases that have a high relevancy to your ideal customer. For example, if a customer is looking for a roofing expert, you can infer that he or she is probably a homeowner. This can give you some insight into their income level.


Who Needs My Product?

If your company sells purses, or other women’s fashion items, you can probably ignore keywords that relate to auto repair. Do women search for information on repairing their vehicle? Of course they do. But, there’s a lot more women on the Internet searching for the latest trend in fashion and current sales, as compared to auto repair. Men search for fashion information as well, but they make up a comparatively low percentage of overall searches across the online fashion industry.


Current and Past Customer Information

Take a close look at available information about your current and past customers to understand your target customers of the future. Then understand their search habits, and hone in your Search Engine Optimization on those keywords and phrases. Making your website intuitive and inviting for your target customer will continue to make it easier to win new customers and focus your energy on high-value prospects.

Top Five Ways to SEO On A Budget

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to your organization’s success. Missing a few easy steps can cost your website a lot of traffic and potential customers for your products. The best part about SEO for your website is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can get a jumpstart on other startups by doing some of the following steps yourself.



Go To The Source for SEO Insight

Did you know that Google has put significant time and resources into making their search engine friendly to companies and organizations of all sizes and online footprints? You don’t have to build a massive site to get Google’s attention. In fact, Google has taken much of the guesswork of getting your website’s SEO off the ground in their guidelines for webmasters and their YouTube Channel. They’ve become so proactive about being inclusive that they no longer require you to notify them of new sites or content for listing; their web-crawlers take care of that automatically for you!


Install Google Analytics

Gaining valuable insights on how viewers interact with your website’s content is a great way to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your site. Google, as well as other search engines use a multitude of stats to give your website a ranking for specific keywords. One of these parameters is known as “dwell time” which is an unpublished algorithm that includes variables like the amount of time a viewer spends on your website and how many pages of your site they visit before completely leaving.


Space Out Your Content Across Pages

If you build your website with a significant amount of information on a few pages, and then a bunch of limited information on multiple other pages throughout your site, you’ll take a hit on your search engine rankings. You want your viewers to spend as much time on each page across your site for maximum rankings in search engines. Of course some pages will be more relevant than others, but taking the time to balance your content across pages will result in extra clicks and improved “dwell” (mentioned above) stats that have proven to help pages become listed on major search engine sites.


Make Every Page Of Your Site An Original

Duplicating content across your website is a great way to be punished by search engines when it comes to keyword rankings. In fact, if you copy a paragraph across multiple pages of your website, chances are that paragraph will be completely ignored by Google and other search engines. Take the time to create engaging, original content for every page of your site so that your viewers spend time on multiple pages of your website. This will significantly increase your search engine rankings over time.


Research The Competition

Go to Google, as well as other search engines, and take some time to read through the content that appears on the first page when searching keywords you’re looking to target with your website. By reading through the available content, you can shape your content in a way that will be more interesting and insightful for your readers. Then, as your SEO techniques take effect, you’ll be sure to steadily climb in the rankings as your site experiences a major increase in traffic.

Where Are Your Customers Searching?

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Your customers, no matter what industry you’re in, are using the web to find answers for everything. Our society trusts search engines with questions they would never ask a friend or family member. We carry smartphones in our pocket that keep us connected to the world 24/7. The average smartphone user looks at their phone 110 times per day according to the Daily Mail. Much of this is to surf the web for useful information or pass time. Where do most of these web visits start? That’s right, you guessed it, search engines.

But you already knew this. You carry a smartphone, and use a computer at work and home to keep up to date and reach “information age nirvana”. So how does your business or organization capitalize on this explosion of online traffic? Advertising gets your brand out there, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what forces your target audience to pay attention and give you a chance.


Google Is King

A search engine founded in 1998, Google has held laser focus on the search engine industry since its conception. They started with the philosophy of delivering the highest quality search experience possible to their users for free. They then made advertisements less obvious and overbearing. Before Google, a search engine used to be a place where you would find a ton of ads and a small box for you to type in your search text. Then you would be given results based on how much the websites they listed had paid to be listed for keywords.

Google changed the game in 1998, and continues to change the game today while keeping their winning formula and loyal user base. Approximately 67% of all web searches in January of 2014 were completed utilizing Google. That means that 67% of your customers are visiting Google in order to find answers about the products you’re selling. This is why SEO is critical; reaching 67% of the market with one advertising strategy that is relatively inexpensive compared to advertising on television is a Godsend for those who embrace SEO.


Bing: A Distant, But Important Second

If Search Engine Optimization is something you’re going to focus your company’s precious resources on, you can’t put all of your eggs in one basket. You need to monitor your rankings on Google, but don’t forget about Bing, from Microsoft. With 16% market-share, Bing is Google’s closest competitor for search activity. That means 16% of your customers are using Bing to get answers about your products and services. The algorithms that Bing uses to decide your search ranking are very different from Google’s, so time should be spent monitoring and making adjustments to get the most mileage out of your SEO time and dollars.


The Rule of 7

Many marketing and advertising gurus will tell you that customers need to see your ad at least 7 times before they will seriously consider purchasing your product. Some estimate this number to be as high as 20, but that was back when the world nationally advertised solely on TV and newspapers. Now we’re in the Internet age, where the actual number of times a customer needs to see your name in a search ranking might only be once. Customers trust search results more than they distrust and tune out traditional advertising. Start harnessing the power of the web and grow your company with SEO today!


How To Decide if Your SEO Strategy is Really Working

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The Most Important Factor in Your SEO Decisions: Return on Investment

What’s the point of putting time into building phenomenal, engaging content and building exposure across the web if you aren’t capitalizing on it? You need to be able to measure the impact of your Search Engine Optimization techniques in an easily quantifiable way that will allow you to focus in on the channels that are profitable, while minimizing ones that aren’t delivering.


Return on Investment (ROI) is simply a way of describing what you’re receiving in return for the money you’re spending each month on SEO services. For example, in a very basic example, if you’re spending $500 per month on your site’s SEO and your sales have increased by $600 per month, then your ROI is $100 per month (the value of the resulting increase in sales minus the cost of SEO services).

When Should You Calculate the ROI of Your SEO?

In reality, the Return on Investment of your SEO campaign will take time to truly become clear. This is because consistent, effective SEO will have a measurable immediate effect in rankings and site hits, but it normally won’t reach it’s full potential until a number of weeks into the process. This is why we recommend looking at your true ROI after the first month of a campaign in order to let your site reach it’s new potential; although even after this first month you should continue to see an increase in growth.

Terms to Understand When Considering the Value of Your Site’s SEO

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

The total cost of acquiring each individual paying customer for your site is your CAC. This is broken into two categories when considering the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

SEO Customer Acquisition Cost

The costs associated with your SEO campaign when divided by paying customers.

Base Cost Per Acquisition

This number reflects the costs outside of your SEO campaign. This can include things like website maintenance fees, any staffing your company requires, and other fixed costs in order to operate your company.

Lifetime Value of a Customer (LTV)

The amount of gross revenue an individual customer generates for your company over their lifetime is their LTV. For example, if your average customer makes two purchases a year that each generate $20 of profit for your company, and they shop with your for ten years, then their LTV equals $400 ($20 times 2 purchase multiplied over 10 years).

The SEO Efficiency Formula

To find out how efficiently your SEO campaign and current site are performing, we’ll use the following formula:

Profit From Each New Customer = LTV-CAC

Keep in mind that the actual efficiency of your website can be impacted by more than just your SEO. If you’re paying too much for hosting, web design services, or IT support your efficiency will be directly impacted. You’ll want to take your aggregate numbers into account in order to decide if the trend of customers taking advantages of your services or product offerings are increasing or decreasing overtime; giving you yet another metric to grade your SEO campaign.

Search Engine Optimization for Small Business

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It is a matter of fact that small business owners are trying their best to market their business online. Have you ever wondered how online marketing strategies are going to help them? The intelligent business owners are well aware of their limitations. They are already late to the party – the big boys are in charge with their widespread presence and seemingly limitless access to crates of cash. Thinking out of the box is the only strategy left to them and hence, it is of no wonder that most of them are seeking the help of online marketing campaigns.


Keeping the Competition Away Using Online Marketing

Thankfully, there are ways with the help of which the small business owners can take the competition head on. Carving a place out for yourself is easy when applying the correct marketing strategies. However, it is foolhardy to place undue importance on online marketing without even knowing the appropriate steps required to execute it properly. Building a successful online marketing campaign may appear surprisingly easy. However, you will have to wade through hordes of issues before achieving that top spot – while keeping the competition away by a very far and wide margin!

Reworking the Marketing Strategies to Make It More Sustainable

Sustainable online marketing is not a myth anymore. It is true that the engineers working for search engine companies are trying their very best to outwit the modern day SEO professionals. The best marketing campaign will allow a one-man business operation to take down multi-national corporations. However, getting the online marketing campaign on the target is not easy. By all probabilities, you will have to keep on reworking on the existing strategies until you hit that sweet spot. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons small business owners’ love online marketing – the niche will allow them to experiment with various strategies using the appropriate tools.

Making the Best Use of the Cash Resources

Those of you who own and operate small businesses must always stay in touch with the reality. The cash resources that are available at your disposal happen to be frugal in comparison with the rest of the competition. You may have to work out the magic with all the limited resources available at your end. One of the best aspects of online marketing is the fact that you can undertake it by expending minimal amounts. Quality service providers exist and they ask reasonable amounts for the underlying efforts taken by the team to improve the online presence of your small business.

Utilizing Social Networking Websites

An online marketing effort is only going to be incomplete if you are going to ignore social media websites. The advantages of utilizing these portals are many – you will get to interact with a wider global audience. Besides, you can also establish direct lines of communication with your prospective customers. Avoid clinging on to the age-old paradigms while indulging in any kind of social media marketing. For instance, it is not necessary for you to be a well-acknowledged expert to gain prominence in these websites. Something as trivial as creating a Facebook page for your small business is more than ample to bring about the desired set of changes.

The Usefulness of Twitter and Facebook

Twitter is another social media website that you can check out. Create a Twitter account for the product or service that you are planning to popularize online. Ensure that you post tweets regular via this account. Make it a point to list out special offers through the same service too. Ensure that the fans and followers of the account do not include automated bots programmed to spam in this network. We can apply the same set of strategies to the earlier mentioned Facebook page too. Keep your fans interested in the page and news will begin to flow through the online world.

Being an Expert Blogger

At the same time, try to set up a blog that can highlight the benefits of the product or service that you are selling via your small business operation. Keep on posting informative content on this blog – let the others know that you an expert in that particular niche. What are the other advantages of having a separate blog for your small business? If the content posted on the blog is informative enough, people will begin to post their comment as feedback. You can initiate meaningful conversations with these commentators.

Posting Helpful Videos Online

Never try to underestimate the importance of posting videos on websites such as YouTube. Let the major corporations spend millions for precious advertisements on the national television. You can bring about the same set of benefits in a much more cost effective manner by posting informative videos on YouTube. Being camera shy is not going to help you by any means. Hence, boldly highlight some of the best attributes of the product or service dealt by your business operation. People love to sit and watch how-to videos and hence, ensure the presence of such videos on your YouTube channel. Please ask the viewers to subscribe to the channel; why pay for YouTube subscribers and comments when you can get the same by posting quality video content online!

Email Marketing Works Even Now

Email marketing is still effective during these times although you may come across elaborate pieces of articles suggesting otherwise. The rapid growth of email marketing companies itself is a testimonial to the fact that this particular online marketing strategy works. Offer those who are spending time on your website to opt-in for regular email newsletters. These newsletters will enable them to get a glimpse of the posts without actually visiting the website. Once again, quality matters; more and more people are going to sign up if you offer them valuable information via email newsletters. Online Marketing Is a Low Cost but Effective Venture

As mentioned before, search engine optimization is one of the best weapons available in the arsenal of any hardworking small business owner. The low operations cost of this particular paradigm can bring about profound changes to your future financial scope. Expecting the win the very first time is foolhardy; you may have to keep on reworking the strategies to achieve the desired results. This continuous learning process will only ultimately work out in a beneficial manner for you as well as your customers. Let us know how SEO had helped your small business.

Stay away from certain SEO company in India

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RankExperts provides affordable, unmatched service and delivery on quality because we specialize in SEO (Search engine optimization) and quality link building. We focus on setting up high authority one-way backlinks for your site and maintaining it through your submissions or orders of 100% fresh and unique quality contents which are distributed to our exclusive network of sites. Our in-house SEO specialists and link builders are at your service for any general or specific queries. Although Houston, Texas is where our main hub is located it hasn’t stopped us from being competitive in the different local states and in the global market. Not only do we deliver high qualities you can expect from a US based company and its services but also our rates are at its most affordable.

Manage and Monitor Your Site with RankExperts

What set us apart from our competitors is that we don’t just generate reports about your page ranking instead we provide flexibility and independence by allowing you to manage and track relevant data which are presented in your RankExperts dashboard. We prefer that you utilize the features and tools implemented that allows you to monitor and manage your website through Top keywords by search engine rankings, Most improved keywords by rankings, Page Rank Distribution and Indexing rate chart. Further, your website can make use of the core values of RankExperts services as follows:

  • Allows its users to submit fresh, unique and quality contents
  • Exclusive network of sites used for distribution of your quality articles
  • Gain extremely high page rank authority and trust level for your website

At RankExperts we put emphasis on quality especially when it comes to outsource link building but what makes us even better than other SEO companies is that our packages are wallet-friendly. Our subscription-based system gives our users enough breathing room without sacrificing quality. Apart from our basic packages our link building services also comes packed with more features which will allow not just small start-up businesses but webmasters as well the chance to target choice keywords efficiently and drive increased site traffic and ultimately optimized ranking. Note however, that the quality of your content is just as important as the quality of your site’s backlinks.

Choosing Your SEO and Link Building Service Provider

RankExperts is an authority in SEO service and link building because of the key features of our service that has a huge impact to your site like exclusive network of sites we use and the way we build quality links to your sites. We ensure that it’s highly competitive and of top quality as what you would expect from a US based company like RankExperts. Unlike our competitors we don’t use spammy links as we believe it does nothing in strengthening your backlinks. And because of this reason alone RankExperts is a better SEO company than most SEO company in India who’s very much notorious for their spammy links which has increased tenfold. Why choose RankExperts? Not only do we hand-pick our best sites we have a very powerful backlink building strategies for the strongest authority and page ranks along with 100% fresh and unique hand written contents for every backlink we create. In addition, major search ranking improvement is experienced by over 95% of our users during their free trial alone.

SEO Content Writing Services

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Quality content is essential in building links for your website. It’s basically the information you present in your website that users would love to read that will ultimately drive traffic as well as advance your page ranking. RankExperts is the best practical choice when getting an SEO article writing services for your site. Our core value of services includes providing exceptionally high page ranks uplifting your website’s authority and trust level, you can submit quality articles with keywords of your choice (individual set or multiple set of keywords) and article distribution using our private owner network of sites.

You can take the full, 15-day free trial of our services which includes Quality Link Building and you can also submit up to 10 free articles. This means that you can submit 5 unique and fresh articles to us while the other 5 articles, we will be writing for you to be able to build the backlinks for your site which will be distributed to our exclusive network of sites within the given trial period. Make sure to maximize your 10 free articles in order to get 10 backlinks because each article will be used only once as 1 backlink for your site. And even after your subscription ends or is withdrawn we at RankExperts will not take down these indexed links as it will be permanent on our network.

Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings

At RankExperts we specialize in SEO (search engine optimization) and quality link building at an affordable rate catering to start-up, big businesses and webmasters. With our hub based in Houston, Texas as a quality link building company we are not limited to our geographic location because you can still utilize our services from anywhere in the globe. SEO and quality link building will boost and further strengthen your website’s efficiency through our high PR article directories with RankExperts by these options:

  • 25 High PR directories manually submitted with one unique Ezine article
  • 50 High PR directories manually submitted with two unique Ezine articles

Quality Website Content

During your subscription with RankExperts you will learn how to manage and monitor your page rank. This is best utilized as you continue to submit fresh and unique articles coupled with inserting targeted keywords of your choice. Should you not be able to write your own articles to be posted then you can order your articles from us at RankExperts, for a minimum of 150-word article where you can provide your chosen targeted keywords. Your unique contents should be of quality otherwise the backlinks created will not suffice. Our SEO article writing services include options like:

  • 150 word article (4 credits)
  • 350 word article (8.5 credits)
  • 550 word article (10.5 credits)

Quality web content is equally crucial with the other marketing services you get from us such as onsite optimization, Monthly management and its High PR article directories. It’s the basis of your data used to setup up your campaign properly in order to reflect page rank distribution details and indexing rate accurately. Your control panel will include comprehensive details like the number of submitted posts, optimized keywords performance, Backlinks status, page ranking performance and real-time statistics. You will also be allowed access to your link building projects as well as direct monitoring on your progress.

How RankExpert’s Social Signals will make a HUGE impact on your rankings.

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So now you have submitted your posts and most of them have been indexed. Some of you may have seen results from your dashboard and watched the search engine ranking start improving. AWESOME, isn’t it. Now the question is: “How do I make sure my ranking positions will stay there?” While we encourage our users to always submit fresh contents on a regular basis to help feeding fresh backlinks to your site, some users may have spent countless of hours to create their own contents while others may spent their hard earned money outsource these articles, it doesn’t matter which category you are falling under you definitely want to maximize the potential of these contents and the efforts you are putting into. Remember you worked so hard to create these articles and now they are becoming your backlinks, it’s time to further strengthen your existing backlinks.

Hmm…sounds good and all, but how? The latest Google panda updates have clearly proven that social media have gained their popularities drastically over the past 12 months. Why? Well to start off social votes often requires REAL PEOPLE INTERACTION, votes often submitted by real online users with real interests in your product and services. By boosting your backlinks with Social votes, it further strengthens and increases the link’s popularity, legitimacy and authority thus helping you to stablize your overall search ranking positions.

Well enough of the texts, here comes the fun part. RankExperts is now offering social media votes package on every single post you have submitted, meaning each of your post will now be voted by real people with real interest, take a look what each post will receive:

(Minimum order is 20 posts)

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  • 5 #Tag Tweets
  • 5 Digg Votes
  • 5 Google +
  • 5 sound cloud
  • 5 stumble upon

Which posts are actually receiving these social votes?


How do I order?

If you have submitted 100 articles this month and would like to boost all 100 posts with social votes, make sure to select 100 from the drop down menu (volume) and the cost of social votes package for each post is 3 credits.

For example if you order social votes on all 100 articles/posts: That would be a combined of 1500 facebook likes, 1500 facebook shares, 500 Tweets, 500 Retweets, 500 #Tag Tweets, 500 Pinterest ,500 Digg Votes, 500 Google + ,500 sound cloud, 500 stumble upon and 500 linkdin share all from thousands of real online users with real interests voting for your site. Very powerful, isn’t it?

So what will it look like on your actual site?


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